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Contra Costa County Public Works Department: On-Call CM for Various Projects

Contra Costa County, CA
Contra Costa County Public Works Department
 Construction Cost
 Project Duration
2000 - Present
 Project Description  

Summit Associates as the prime consultant provided full CM services for the following projects of Contra Costa County Public Works Department:

Bailey Road Bridge Replacement Project  The project entailed demolishing an outdated Steel Beam Bridge which spans an environmentally sensitive creek, constructing a temporary bypass road, and placing a new cast-in-place reinforced concrete slab bridge along the original alignment.

Buchanan Field Airport Taxiway “E” & Electrical Upgrade Project – This project included the replacement of the airport taxiway including asphalt paving overlay, main ramp overlay, runway/taxiway signage, taxiway lighting, and utility relocation.  This 2 year project was completed on May 2003. 

Buchanan Field Airport Electrical Upgrade Project – This project entailed the replacement of the majority of signs at the airport with electrical signs and support structures.  Work included trenching, placing conduits, electrical limes, electrical boxes, electrical controllers, sub base, and asphalt paving. 

Pleasant Hill Road, Center Avenue & Marsh Creek Drive Overlay Project – Summit Associates, as the prime consultant provided full Construction Management services for the improvement project of Pleasant Hill Road, Center Avenue & Marsh Drive in Pleasant Hill and Concord, California.  The project was split into two sites, site A being Pleasant Hill Road and site B being Center Avenue/Marsh Drive.  The project consisted of placing a rubberized asphalt concrete overlay at each site. The work also included cold planing the existing asphalt, base failure repairs, crack sealing, replacement of thermoplastic striping, construction of metal beam guardrails, re-construction of timber retaining walls, installation of road signage, and the adjustment of the existing utilities.

San Ramon Creek at Casa Vallecita Storm Drainage and Bridge Repair Project The project entails dewatering San Ramon Creek, installing a temporary support system, placing a permanent “Catcher Pier” system and retaining wall, and restoring the soil, rock slope protection, and creek channel to its pre washout state.

Subdivision Inspection, District III – Dougherty Valley Project – Subdivision inspection and permit inspections on this project include both public and private improvements.  Facilities inspected included grading, underground utilities, roadway improvements, sidewalks, retaining walls, culverts, creek repairs, detention basins, and other public works improvements.

 Project Responsibilities  

As a prime consultant, Summit Associates has been providing full CM services for numerous projects of Contra Costa County Public Works since 2000.

Services include value engineering, constructability reviews, resident engineering, scheduling, cost and change order estimating, construction inspection, electrical and signage inspection, utility relocation, quantity calculations and claims support.

Summit Associates services also include the review and approval of construction plans, specifications, project schedule, and County standard plans and specifications to be thoroughly prepared for the work. 

Our staff attends pre-construction meeting with County representatives, Contractor and other consultants as necessary to discuss and approved plans and applicable standards and specifications of the County.  Our inspectors performed daily observations and prepared daily written reports, focusing on the quality of the work performed, staff levels and progress.  We inspect all on-site and off-site Public Works and subdivision improvements on a daily basis to assure that all improvements to be constructed are as designed and are within tolerances. 

We coordinated the construction of all County and other utilities to minimize interferences with subdivision improvements, reviewed and coordinated schedules, review materials, shop drawings, requests for information and performance test results, checked all certificates of compliance and evaluated the need for corrective action that are required.  We monitored the contractor’s work and attempt to minimize the impacts upon public safety and convenience.  Also verified the placement of warning signs and other safety devices to meet County standards and approved traffic control plans.








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